Pack Product Notes
A,C,W135 &Y Meningitis ACWY see Menveo, Menquadfi & Nimenrix
10 amps Adrenaline Inj 1:1000 1ml
Ambirix (see Hep A + B)
1 x 0.5ml PFS NEW Apexxnar (pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate) see also Pneumovax 23 & Prevenar 13
12 Atovaquone/Proguanil Hydrochloride 250mg/100mg FC Tabs adult generic malarone see also Malarone
Avaxim (see Hepatitis A)
4 Azithromycin Tablets 250mgm
Azithromycin Tablets 500mgm (3) 24 hours notice required
10 x 1ml MD vial BCG (tuberculosis) Back in stock
1 X 0.5ml PFS Bexsero Men B see also Trumenba
1 x 0.5ml PFS Boostrix (TdaP) (unlicensed UK) lowest component vaccine containing whooping cough
1 x 0.5ml PFS Boostrix IPV (TdaP/IPV) see also Boostrix
Ceftriaxone see Rocephin
1 x 0.5ml vial + PFS Chickenpox/varicella-zoster (Varivax)
1 x 0.5ml vial + PFS Chickenpox/varicella-zoster (Varilrix)
5 x 1ml amp Chlorphenamine Inj 10mgm/ml
2 x 3ml vials Cholera (Dukoral Oral Vaccine) < see also Vaxchora live oral cholera
5 x 1ml amp Cobalin-H (hydroxocobalamin) Vit B12 Solution for Inj (1000mcg/1ml)
10 x 0.5ml vial Daptacel (Dtap) (Unlicensed UK)
diclofenac see Votlarol
DTaP (see Daptacel)
DTaP/IPV (see Infanrix IPV)
DTaP/IPV/Hib (see Infanrix/IPV/Hib) See also Pentavac (Unlicensed UK)
DTaP/Hep B/IPV/Hib (see Infanrix Hexa)
dT/IPV (see Revaxis)
1 x 0.5ml amp Diphtheria Toxoid Adsorbat (Impfstoff) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued Feb 2016
1 x 0.5ml amp Diphtheria/Tetanus (DT Paediatric) (Thiomersal Free) (Unlicensed UK)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Diphtheria Tetanus (Td Rix) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued June 2017 see Td-Pur
1 x 0.5ml PFS Diphtheria Tetanus (Td pur) (Unlicensed UK)
DTaP/IPV/Hib see Infanrix/IPV-Hib or Pediacel or Pentavac
50 Doxycycline Caps 100mg
Dukoral (see cholera)
Efcortesol see hydrocortisone sodium phosphate
Engerix B (see hep B) see also HBvaxPro
Epaxal (see hep A) discontinued see Avaxim, Havrix & Vaqta
1 Auto Injector EpiPen (adrenaline) Junior Auto-Injector 0.15mg
1 Auto Injector EpiPen (adrenaline) Adult Auto Injector 0.30mg
10x1ml amp Ergocalciferol Inj BP 300,000u/1ml
<10 x 0.5ml PFS Fluad Tetra aQIV (from 65 years+)
<10 x 0.5ml PFS Flucelvax Tetra QIVc (from 2 years+)
<10 Nasal Spray Fluenz Tetra Nasal Spray 0.2ml (from 2 years- under 18 years)
Flu vaccine see Inactivated Influenza QIVe, Flucelvax QIVc, Fluenz Tetra NS & Fluad Tetra aQIV
1 x 0.5ml PFS Gardasil 9 (HPV)
Generic Malarone see Atovaquone/Proguanil
HBVAXPRO see hep B see also Engerix B
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A Avaxim (adult) see also Havrix Monodose & Vaqta
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A Avaxim (junior) see also Havrix Monodose Jr & Vaqta paed
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A Epaxal discontinued see Avaxim, Havrix Monodose & Vaqta
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis A Havrix Monodose (adult) see also Avaxim & Vaqta
1x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A Havrix Mondose (junior) see also Vaqta Paed
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis A Vaqta (adult) see also Avaxim & Havrix Monodose
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A Vaqta (paediatric) see also Havrix Monodose junior
1x1ml PFS Hepatitis A + B Ambirix see also Twinrix
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis A + B Twinrix Paediatric
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis A + B Twinrix (adult)
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis A + Typhoid Hepatyrix discontinued see Viatim
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis A + Typhoid ViATIM (adult)
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis B Engerix B (adult) 20mcg/ml see also HBvaxPro
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis B Engerix B (paediatric) 10mcg/0.5ml see also HBvaxPro Junior
1 x 1ml PFS Hepatitis B HBVAXPRO (adult) 10mcg/1ml see also Engerix B
1 x 0.5ml PFS Hepatitis B HBVAXPRO (junior) (0-15 years) 5mcg/0.5ml see also Engerix B Paed
1 x 0.5ml vial + PFS Hib - Hiberix (Unlicensed UK)
Hib + Men C see Menitorix
HPV Human Papillomavirus see Gardasil 9
5 x 1ml Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate 100mg/1ml Inj (was Efcortesol)
10 x 1ml Hydrocortistab Inj 25mgm manufacturer delay
hydroxocobalamin (see Cobalin H or Vit B12)
Imovax (see polio)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Inactivated Influenza Quad-valent QIVe (from 6 months-adult) see Fluad Tetra, Flucelvax & Fluenz Tetra NS
1 x 0.5ml PFS Infanrix (DTaP) (Unlicensed UK) Discontinued see Daptacel
1 X 0.5ml PFS Infanrix Hexa (DTaP/ Hep B/IPV/Hib) NOT AVAILABLE manufacturer delay to Private Market see also Vaxelis
1 x 0.5ml PFS Infanrix- IPV (DTaP/IPV) Discontinued see Boostrix IPV or Repevax
1 x 0.5ml PFS Infanrix-IPV +Hib (DTaP/IPV/Hib) alternative to Pediacel see also Pentavac (Unlicensed UK)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Japanese Encephalitis Ixiaro
1 Japanese Encephalitis Green Cross 24 HRS NOTICE REQUIRED
5 x 1ml vial Kenalog Inj 40mg/1ml vial
8 Lariam Tabs 250mg (mefloquine) 24 hours notice
10 x 2ml amp Lidocaine Hydrochloride Inj 1% 20mg in 2ml 24 hours notice required
10x5ml amp Lidocaine Hydrochloride Inj 50mg in 5ml
12 Malarone Adult 250mg/100mg FC Tabs see also generic atovaquone/proguanil
12 Malarone Paed 62.5mg/25mg FC Tabs
10 x 1.5ml vials Mantoux Test (Tuberculin PPD SSI 2TU) (Unlicensed UK)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Measles (Rouvax-Sanofi Pasteur) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued June 2016 see M-VAX
1 x 0.5ml vial + dil Measles (M-Vax- Serum Institute India) (Unlicensed UK) see also MR Vax
Mefloquine see Lariam Tablets
1 x 0.5ml vial NEW Menquadfi ACWY see also Menveo & Nimenrix
1 x 0.5ml vial MR Vax Measles & Rubella Combined (Serum Institute India) (Unlicensed UK) see also M Vax
0.5ml vial + PFS Meningitis A,C,W135&Y (Polysaccharide) discontinued 2015 see Menveo or Nimenrix
Meningitis B see Bexsero or Trumenba
1 x 0.5ml PFS Meningitis C (Meningitec) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued see Neisvac or Menjugate Kit
1 X 0.5ml vial Meningitis C Menjugate (Unlicensed UK) see also Neisvac
Meningitis C + Hib see Menitorix
0.5ml vial Menveo (Conj) Meningitis A,C,W135 & Y (GSK) see also Nimenrix
0.5ml vial + PFS Menitorix Meningitis C + Hib
1 x 0.5ml PFS M.M.R vaxPro (measles,mumps,rubella) see also Priorix
Mumps vaccine discontinued 2008
10 x 0.5ml PFS Neisvac Men C (see also Menjugate) discontinued March 2021
0.5ml vial + PFS Nimenrix (Conj) Meningitis A,C,W135 & Y (Pfizer Vaccines) see also Menveo & Menquadfi
1 x 0.5ml vial Pediacel (DTaP/IPV/Hib) see Infanrix-IPV +Hib or Pentavac for alternative Discontinued
1 x 0.5ml Pentavac (DTaP/IPV/Hib) (Unlicensed UK) see Infanrix-IPV +Hib for alternative
1 x 0.5ml PFS Priorix (measles, mumps,rubella) see also M.M.R vaxPro
100/box Plastipak Syringe/needle 2ml 21G x 1.5" 48 hrs notice
1 x 0.5ml vial Pneumovax II (pneumococcal polysaccharide) now called Pneumovax 23 see also Apexxnar & Prevenar 13
1 x 0.5ml PFS Polio inactivated (Imovax IPV) (Unlicensed UK)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Prevenar 13 (pneumococcal polysaccharide conj ) see also Apexxnar & Pneumovax 23
1ml vial + syr + dil Rabies BP (Wistar) see also Rabipur & Verorab
1ml PFS + vial Rabies Rabipur see also Rabies BP & Verorab
0.5ml vial +PFS Rabies Verorab (Unlicensed UK) see also Rabies BP & Rabipur
1 x 0.5ml PFS Repevax (dTaP/IPV) see also Boostrix IPV
1 x 0.5ml PFS Revaxis (dT/IPV)
1 vial Rocephine 250g Inj (ceftriaxone)
5 x 1g vial Rocephine 1g Inj (ceftriaxone)
1.5ml Tube Rotavirus Rotarix Oral Suspension (Tube)
Rouvax Measles discontinued see M Vax
1 x 0.5ml PFS Rubella Vaccine (Wistar) (Rudivax) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued Nov 2012 see MR Combined vax
1 x 0.5ml vial Rubella Vaccine (Wistar) (R Vax -Serum Institute India) (Unlicensed UK) discontinued Jan 2015 see MR Combined vax
Shingles see Zostavax or Shingrix
1 x 0.5ml vial Shingrix (shingles) (UK) 2 dose course
Stamaril (see Yellow Fever)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Synflorix (pneumococcal polysaccharide conj) see also pneumococcal polysaccharide & Prevenar 13 Discontinued
Syringes (see Plastipak)
TdaP see Boostrix
Td-Rix/Pur (see diphtheria/tetanus)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Tetanus -Tetanol Pur (Unlicensed UK) Being discontinued in 2021
1 x 0.5ml PFS Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TicoVac Adult)
1 x 0.25ml PFS Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TicoVac Junior)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Trumenba Men B (10 years age +) see also Bexsero
Tuberculin PPD SSI2 (see Mantoux)
Twinrix (see hepatitis A + B)
1 x 0.5ml PFS Typhoid Typherix) discontinued see Typhim Vi or Vivotif
1 x 0.5ml PFS Typhoid Typhim Vi see also Vivotif for oral typhoid
1 pack 3 caps Typhoid Caps Vivotif oral typhoid see also Typhim Vi
Vaqta (see hepatitis A adult & paediatric)
Varivax/Varilrix (see chickenpox/varicella zoster)
pwdr. for suspension Vaxchora Live Oral cholera Vaccine) see also Dukoral cholera
1 x 0.5ml PFS NEW Vaxelis (6 in 1 vaccine) see also Infanrix Hexa
ViATIM (see hepatitis A + typhoid) discontinued August 2022 see Avaxim or Havrix Adult (Hep A) & Typhim Vi (Typhoid)
Vit B12 see hydroxocobalamin
Vivofit see Typhoid caps
10 amp Voltarol Amp 3ml (diclofenac)
1 x 0.5ml vial + PFS Yellow Fever Stamaril
Whooping Cough see Boostrix or Boostrix IPV or Repevax
1 x 0.65ml PFS Zostavax (shingles, varicella zoster) (UK) Discontinued June 2023 see Shingrix

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